Punch stats confirm one-sided win

By Roy Luarca,

Corpus Christi, Texas—That Jerwin Ancajas emerged from a fight unscathed was hardly surprising.

Mexican Israel Gonzalez hardly landed punches throughout the one-sided battle for Ancajas’ IBF junior bantamweight crown.

Even Ancajas’ face was virtually clean, bereft of cuts, lumps and bruises as the challenger, slower to the punch, missed wildly most of the time, to the disappointment of the predominantly Mexican crowd at American Bank Center.

In contrast, Ancajas, despite going slower to suit Gonzalez’s style, was quicker and more accurate.

Ancajas, who abandoned volume punching to avoid Gonzalez’s counter punches, unleashed a total of 477 punches, 130 of them connecting.

Making full use of his faster hands, the pride of Panabo City, threw 246 jabs, landing 46, mostly on the head.

Gonzalez, despite having a three-centimeter reach advantage, unloaded only 61 and was utterly off the mark, with just two connections.

Showing his determination to pull off a shocker, Gonzalez concentrated on power punches, throwing 242 that surpassed Ancajas’ 231.

Again, the big difference was on accuracy as Ancajas landed 84 that translates to 36 percent. With only 46 hits, Gonzalez’s accuracy was at 19 percent.

Simply put, Ancajas schooled Gonzalez in both timing and precision of punches.