Mexican fighter ends Pagara’s winning streak

By Noreen Jazul,

Filipino fighter Albert Pagara’s winning streak was ended by Mexican warrior Cesar Juarez during the Pinoy Pride 37: Fists of the Future event held in San Mateo, California on Saturday (Sunday in the Philippines).

ABS-CBN reported that during the first minutes of the first round, Pagara had the upper hand and even knocked down Juarez. But the Mexican fighter quickly got up and even became stronger in the succeeding rounds.

On the eight round, Juarez landed three straight unanswered punches to Pagara’s head. The Filipino hit his corner and landed on the canvas and failed to beat the count-off, ABS CBN reported.

Fifteen seconds before the end of the 8th round, the fight was waved off.

Pagara had to be taken out of the ring in a stretcher.


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